How To Make 3D Anaglyph Pictures In PhotoShop

10 Jul

Look at the Description first. Anyways if the whole picture is 3D, even the background the 3D effect will go away. It’ll work if you have 2 angles…But this is for pictures on the internet…anyways here’s the step on the basic layout… 3D Steps 1.Open the file! 2.Duplicate it. 3.Make 2 new layers. 4.Fill it both with the blue Color info: RGB: R-000 G-255 B-255 4b.Click 1 blue layer, press Ctrl +I to make it red. 5.Move red on top of original. 6.Change fills into screen mode. 7.Shift click blue+copy (duplicated) layer 7b.Merge layer (Ctrl+E) 8.Change layer 2 (Merged) to multiply mode Now it should be ready to edit. 1.Use the laso tool to bring out what you want to stand out. 2.Use the Move tool. 2b.The more you nudge to the right the closer it is to you. 3.If you nudge alot then there might be the distracting red to the left (bad) 3b.With the selection press Ctrl+I 3c.Only look at the blue merged layer 3d.Color in the transparancy with blue. 4.(view layers) 5.done, thats it! If you want to make a new 3D Anaglyph picture in PhotoShop then you might want to download the Action file. What it does is set the ground for 3D editing. Just load it and press play. After that just use the lasso tool to bring out what you want to stand out in the 3D picture. Here’s the link to download the action file. Also make sure you have the cyan color before you play the action file. (mirror v) Here’s the link to the 3D pics I made in the photoshop. s250
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