MC Escher’s Relativity w/ Anaglyph 3D

06 Jul – 1080HD Video, high res stills, and 3d model available to download – This is MC Escher’s drawing Relativity recreated shown in 3d and in stereoscopic anaglyph 3D. I was playing with Maya 2009’s stereo camera rig and was trying to find something interesting but not so much gimmicky effects to try it with. There is nothing I’d love to see in 3d more than this infamous place, and having already modeled it years before made it the perfect testing ground. The scene was modeled/textured in Maya 7, and was updated and rendered in Maya 2009. 1080HD Video, original 4K poster render and desktop BG images, etc. – The 3d model shown in the video is available to download in multiple formats at the link below.


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