3D Stereoscope Aerial

14 Jun

Part 1 of 2: Our homemade 3D video camera takes flight by balloons above a hot summer day in berlin’s tourist infested downtown (maybe the reason for our balloons suicide tendencies 🙂 more 3D Berlin: Get 3D glasses from us for 3Dollars:

Watch in HD. An anaglyph version of the award-winning stereoscopic 3D video “Stereoscopic Skydiving”, showing some of the world’s best freefly skydivers building freefall formations at the vertical world record camp at Skydive Chicago in August 2007. To view this video you will need yellow-blue glasses with the blue lens on the right eye. All footage was shot and edited in stereoscopic HD by Eric Deren. Song is “Candy” by Gary Pfaff ( ) from the “Obsession Day” album, available on iTunes and CDBaby. This was not encoded using the Colorcode (TM) process, but it is compatible with any yellow-blue glasses that also work with the Superbowl 2009 3D commercials featuring characters from the Dreamworks film “Monsters vs. Aliens” and Sobe lizards. These glasses also promote Intel’s Intru3D ™ concept. If you have the correct hardware, you can view the full color version of this video in stereo at This video is soon to be available on 3D Bluray. For best results, view the video from a distance of at least 6x the width of the video on your screen. This means that if you watch it at full screen on a 20″ monitor you need to sit/stand at least 6 feet (2 meters) away to get the best effect. For those of you that are going to ask, no, you can not convert 2D to 3D by just tinting the image and shifting it over. There is NO automated way to convert 2D to 3D, it can only be done with hours and hours of painstaking work for every second of footage
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