Anaglyph 3D – Object out of the screen

12 Jun

15/07/2009 : 3rd test of a computer generated anaglyph movie (OpenGL & C++). This time, the object is between the screen and you. As a first step, the helicopter is brought to you, but without the 3D effect. Then it returns to the screen, and the 3rd dimension is added before it does so again. If you open your hand and put it to the lower edge of the screen, you really feel that the helicopter is over ! There are sequences of static position, so you can try to touch it ! Warning : beware of the blades … 🙂 Video resolution : 1280×720 (HD) As usual, you need colored glasses to see the 3rd dimension. The Red/Blue combination gives the best result.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

You should wear red / cyan glasses. Watch HD for a better 3d view. Used iz3d directx driver red/cyan optimezed. Convergence: -0490 (Decrease in “Zero Gravity”, Focus on isaac) Serparation: 225% AutoFocus: OFF Recorded with fraps. System: AMD Athlon II x2@3625 ATI HD4770@850/1100(4400) 2gb ddr2 1066 win7 32bit
Video Rating: 4 / 5


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