The Animation Show (full)

27 Jul

Please join at We’d really appreciate it! The animation show was created by Don Hertzfeldt. Enjoy
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The Original Onyxia Wipe Animation ============================ This is an animation I made back in April 2006 about an unsuccessful, but yet disturbingly hilarious, attempt to defeat the dragon Onyxia from World of Warcraft. The audio was created by “Dives” from the guild Wipe Club, I had nothing to do with its creation, I only made the animation. Note: This was made pre-BC. That’s right, the level cap was still 60, so you couldn’t solo her back then. PS: Cheers to the guys from “Wipe Club” (link not available) for making the sound clip! ============================ Credits: Orlando Bloom – Pirates of the Caribbean ‘Priest’ comic – Flintlocke’s Guide to Azeroth ( Audio – “Dives”, Wipeclub (link not available) ============================ Additional Info: – DKP: Dragon Kill Points: essentially a barter system where you gain points for killing bosses, attending raids, etc and use them to buy items that are dropped by said bosses. – Why is Orlando Bloom the whelp? Because in “Pirates of the Caribbean”, Captain Jack and Barbosa have a conversation in which they refer to Will as a whelp. – The song in the background is “Marco V – Godd”, or so I’ve been told. I can’t confirm this, as I’ve never heard the song myself (except, of course, during the video).
Video Rating: 4 / 5


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