The results are in: the most important camera of the 2010s readers’ poll

06 Jan

Poll results: most important cameras of the decade

The end of a decade is a time for reflection, renewal and lots of ‘best of the decade’ articles. So why not join in the fun? ‘Time is a flat circle,’ after all (we can either thank Nietzsche or True Detective for that quote depending on who you ask). In that spirit, we shared our picks for the most important cameras of the past ten years and asked our readers to choose theirs. Here are the results of that poll.

Runner-up: Apple iPhone 4

The iPhone 4 technically came in third, but the margin between it and the second place runner-up was slim enough to call it a tie. It has certainly earned its place in history – we think it was the first iPhone that truly made a dedicated camera optional. DPR readers agree that it was a landmark camera of the 2010s.

Image credit: Gabriele Barni

Runner-up: Nikon D850

Over the past ten years we’ve been lucky enough to use many excellent cameras, but few have left a lasting impression like the D850. It’s well over two years old at this point but we still consider it one of the best DSLRs ever built. DPR readers no doubt also appreciate its well-rounded feature set, excellent ergonomics and Raw image capture that rivals medium-format results. If that’s not a best-of-the-decade-worthy camera then we don’t know what is.

Winner: Sony a7/R

So which camera did DPR readers crown the most important of the decade? The full-frame mirrorless cameras that started it all: the Sony a7 and a7R. Both cameras were far from perfect when they made their debut in 2013, but there’s no denying the influence that they’ve had on the industry as a whole since then.

And that’s a wrap on the decade! Thanks to all who voted – let’s do it all again in ten years.

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