DJI patents land-based vehicle with built-in camera and new gimbal system

21 Dec

Newly discovered Chinese patents hint at the upcoming launch of two new DJI products, including a gimbal or sorts that looks like a smaller version of the Ronin 2, as well as a motorized vehicle with a built-in camera. The latter product may be a land-based alternative to the company’s expansive drone lineup, giving users a way to surveil an area from the ground and capture new types of action shots.

The camera car, which DroneDJ says is listed with the term ‘vehicle’ in the patents, resembles a mechanical rover with a camera attached to the top. Based on the patent illustration, the vehicle appears to have large rugged wheels, hinting at a design that may accommodate off-road use, as well as a series of shocks and dampeners to reduce vibrations.

According to DroneDJ, the patent reveals that the DJI camera car’s wheels can rotate 360-degrees and that the camera’s height can be adjusted.

Joining the camera car patent is another patent detailing a handheld device that looks like a gimbal similar to the company’s existing Ronin 2 product. The patent refers to this product as a ‘stabilizing device’ that includes a ‘handheld gimbal device.’ The product may feature a removable cage that makes it possible to attach the gimbal to different devices, potentially including the camera car detailed in the other DJI patent.

Based on the patent, this stabilizer features two handles, a removable camera, as well as physical controls that include a focus wheel and buttons.

As with any patent, it is possible that DJI will never actually bring either of these products to the market. However, the existence of both indicates the company is exploring an expansion of its product line that’ll appeal to filmmakers and that it may move beyond aerial vehicles to also offer land-based vehicles capable of transporting camera equipment.

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