Leica launches M10-P ‘Ghost Edition’ and new Summilux-M 90mm F1.5 ASPH lens

13 Dec

Leica has teamed up with New York-based horology company HODINKEE to launch the Leica M10-P ‘Ghost Edition’ camera styled after the vintage timepiece owned by Ben Clymer, founder and CEO of HODINKEE. The ‘Ghost Edition’ version of the M10-P includes a Summilux-M 35mm F1.4 ASPH lens with the same style.

The natural wear and tear on a wristwatch bezel results in a ‘ghosting’ aesthetic that inspired the M10-P ‘Ghost Edition’ design, according to Leica. This special edition camera doesn’t feature the company’s iconic red dot logo; its body and included lens sport a matte gray finish alongside silver and white accents. Gray cowhide leather and white enamel-filled engravings round out the ghosted aesthetic.

The Leica M10-P ‘Ghost Edition’ retains the same specs as the regular model. Leica is limiting this special edition to 250 camera sets globally with availability starting today. Each set features a serial number, a certificate of authenticity and a gray rope strap with black leather accents. The set is priced at $ 14,995 through HODINKEE.

Joining the special edition camera set is Leica’s new Summilux-M 90mm F1.5, an extremely fast telephoto prime lens designed for portrait photography. Leica describes this new lens, which has the longest focal length in the Summilux-M lineup, as offering ‘a breathtakingly shallow depth of field.’

The Summilux-M 90mm F1.5 lens features eight elements in six groups, including two aspherical elements made from specialized glass and a floating lens element. The company says that its lens design nearly eliminates the distortion and vignetting associated with fast lenses and that the lens hood helps cut down on reflections and unwanted light.

Leica customers familiar with the Noctilux-M 50mm F0.95 ASPH lens will find the new offering very similar in terms of design, build and depth of field, according to the company. The Summilux-M 90mm F1.5 ASPH lens is now available from Leica’s stores, boutiques and dealers for $ 12,995. The lens can be used with the Leica SL and SL2 cameras using the M-Adapter L.

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