CamRanger 2 brings faster speeds, increased compatibility and more

03 Dec

When launched in 2013, the original CamRanger was one of the first devices that let you wirelessly control a DSLR via a smartphone phone app. Since then the company launched the CamRanger mini which mainly focused on offering CamRanger capability in a smaller package.

Now the CamRanger 2 has been released and the updated version is larger than the original but supports more camera models, is faster and comes with additional features.

The original CamRanger could be used with Canon and Nikon DSLRs. Compatibility has now been expanded to Sony Fujifilm mirrorless models, opening up new customer groups to the device. A full list of compatible cameras can be found on the CamRanger website.

There are now also a new standard tripod mount that opens up new attachment options and a for multiple camera attachment options and a SD/SDHC/SDXC memory card slot which should be useful for use with cameras with only a single card slot.

Despite a larger capacity rechargeable battery (3300mAh vs 1800mAh on the original), according to CamRanger battery life has decreased from approximately six to five hours, though.

On the plus side the new model now supports 5Ghz wireless networking in addition to the 2.4Ghz of the original. The range has been doubled from 250 feet to 500 feet (152m) as well.

New features include a ‘quick RAW’ viewing mode which uses an embedded JPG-image for faster reviewing, advanced image rating, video viewing and downloading, saving to SD-card, editing, croppind and more.

For more information head over to the CamRanger website where you’ll also be able to order the device for $ 350.

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