Luna Display now lets you use an old Mac as a secondary display

18 Oct

Products like Luna Display, Astropad or Duet Display have been offering the ability to turn iPads into secondary displays for the Mac for quite some time. However, with its latest macOS version Catalina Apple has integrated this feature into its own operating system, MacOS, making the third party solutions pretty much redundant.

Duet Display has responded to the challenge by making the feature work with Android tablets in addition to Apple’s iPads. The latest update of Luna Display, version 4.0, now brings the ability to use a second and/or older Mac as a secondary display. Luna Display calls this the Mac-to-Mac mode.

Apple’s in-house solution only works with macOS Catalina and the iPad. It is also limited to newer Mac models. This is where Luna Display adds value. In addition to the iPad you can use an old Mac as a secondary display, and it also works with older Mac computers – the main Mac has to run macOS El Capitan or later – and the secondary Mac which is used as the external display can run the even older macOS Mountain Lion which was launched in 2012. This makes Luna Display a good way of making use of an old and unused Mac that might otherwise be collecting dust hidden away in storage.

Luna Display comes in the shape of a hardware dongle that plugs into the main Mac and is available in USB-C or Mini DisplayPort versions. On the software side of things the Luna Display has to run on both machines. For the system to work both computers have to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Luna Display is available now for $ 69. Early adopters can benefit from a 25 percent launch discount. More information is available on the Luna Display website.

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