Land’s End Sunset

27 Jan

There is no canvas more beautiful than that of the ocean at sunset or sunrise. To the untrained eye it may all seem to be the same, but upon closer examination no one view is ever the same. I consider myself lucky in that every evening, barring the presence of fog, I’m treated to a view of a new sunset.

Land's End Sunset - San Francisco, California - Landscape Photography by Jim M. Goldstein

Land's End Sunset – San Francisco, California

While the view from home is nice, it’s never as nice as the cliffside view from Lands End here in San Francisco. In this photo a bank of fog burned off in the waning minutes of light. The remaining hints of fog turned purple framing golden lit surf swirling around coastal rock formations. Definitely a view worth waiting for before hiking back to my car in the dark.

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Land’s End Sunset

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