Nikon D700 Review

15 Dec

Slotting in between the D300 and D3 in the Nikon range, the D700 is more closely related to the D3. It packs in the same groundbreaking full-frame 12.1Mp sensor and much of the D3s technology, making their specifications very similar. At almost £1000 less than the D3, though, and in a smaller, more compact body, its going to be a tempting proposition to many, but is it worth the £1999 asking price double that of the excellent D300? facebook page http twitter Part 2 This part of the video i show you the photos side by side taken from the nikon d300 and the fuji s5pro dslr cameras and show you with the use of adobe lightroom the editing ability you have with the raw files of both the cameras. and how you can save images that are blown out with the fuji s5 pro and not the nikon d300


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