Code Lyoko – Big Bug

01 Nov

XANA has created a computer virus and sent it out on the internet. All the city’s data-bases have been damaged. Although the problems this causes are quickly solved without major incident, the railway control centre has been hit very hard and can no longer stop two of its trains which are on a collision course. Our heroes are faced with an urgent situation . They must counter XANA’s evil plan and stop this deadly collision from occurring. And to think that Sissi is going to go after Ulrich again and make our dream team’s mission even more difficult !
Video Rating: 5 / 5

XANA doesn’t let a single detail of life at the school get by him.The Headmaster has decided to make extensions to the gymnasium and the super calculator wastes no time before turning the bulldozers from the construction zone into weapons. Our heroes must nip this new attack in the bud before the metallic army has a chance to destroy the factory, thus making it impossible for them to get to the secret laboratory. During the battle taking place on Lyokô, Yumi falls into the digital sea and turns into a virtual character forever. It ‘sa cruel dilemma for Jeremy who has just accomplished his life’s work by working out how to make Aelita into a real person. But he can only bring one person to life : will it be Yumi or Aelita ?


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