Review: Creative Landscape Photography eBook by Guy Tal

30 Oct

There are few photographers who are as skilled with the written word as they are with a camera as friend, photographer and author Guy Tal. Guy’s latest eBook “Creative Landscape Photography” is a comprehensive and well-thought book that is perfect for intermediate and advanced photographers who are looking to hone their creative skills.

What is refreshing about “Creative Landscape Photography” is that it is not just instructional in its 86 pages of  descriptive text, but in its consistent use of reader exercises. Guy consistently spurs the reader to take part in  exercises provided with in each section of the book. These exercise are a great bridge to Guy’s popular Creative Landscape Photography workshop even if you’ve yet to attend one. Rather than passively absorb knowledge relayed in the book,  the active participation that is prompted with each exercise helps reinforce the concepts discussed.

The best way to use your imagination is simply to not stand in its way.

What I found most compelling about Guy’s writing is that it is incredibly positive and supportive. The thought of being creative can be a menacing proposition to many, but Guy provides written mentorship that is invaluable. Exceptionally well organized, the book contains sections including  the Creative Process, Concept, Visualization, Composition and Capture. Not only does each section include Guy’s inspiring photographs they include quotes from other inspirational thinkers. A book containing such a great balance of technical information and creative philosophy is a must for ones library.

Creative Landscape Photography can be purchased  for .95 on Guy Tal’s web site.

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Review: Creative Landscape Photography eBook by Guy Tal

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