PhotoShop Beginners Tutorial #3

30 Oct

This is my PhotoShop beginners tutorial #2. A carry on to the request of SuspendedFTW. This video goes over the basics of: URL to Brushes: Filters Brushes Clone Stamp Lasso Tool * Retouching an image / Fixing imperfections. If you would like more advanced videos watch my PhotoShop Tips & Howto’s instead as this video is for beginners. If you need any further help feel free to comment. Want to request a video? Message my channel, private message me or comment on my featured video ‘Message to all my viewers’ I would like 1000 subscribers by December 25th, so please help by subscribing, commenting, rating 5*, favouriting to my videos and it’ll be greatly appreciated. Do you want a #4? Send me a message 😀 Image thanks to (URL: More PhotoShop coming soon. This tutorial was made using Adobe PhotoShop CS3 Extended. Recorded using CamStudio.
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