[HD 3D PV] Hatsune Miku – Innocence

17 Oct

HD( 4:02 ): Title(JP)???????Innocence?3DPV? Postscript (2009.04) Musical instruments of this video are called “anogakki” in the Miku freak of Japan. ANO = That. GAKKI = musical instruments. Afterwards, the author of this video gave musical instruments the name of “Innocencer” with unassuming modesty. Maybe, freak knows the name of “Innocencer”. The name of “anogakki” indicates one of unspecified musical instruments. However, it is a specific musical instruments for freak. Therefore, the freak that dares to keep being called “anogakki” is many. Thanks for watching. The author of this 3D animation did the work of two-three hours every day. One year was required and this 3D animation was completed. Because it was thought it is wonderful I converted this 3D animation into HD. NOTE: I esteemed the effect of the noise of the author. I had the noise faithfully reproduced. The noise filter was turned off, and it was converted into HD. —– Whose comment cannot be translated with my tool. I also hope you can decipher this character string. In making HD, time is terrifically demanded. In addition, time is spent on the encode of YouTube. The image quality falls by encode even if it has a hard time with great pains. The bit rate distribution is difficult in automatic encode of YouTube. Because the movement of the noise effect is fast. The distribution of Miku decreases too much. ##### # YouTube automatically makes “normal quality”. # # In “normal quality
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