5 October, 2010 – You Can’t Do That With Medium Format

16 Oct

Medium format is for fashion, landscape, advertising, and the like – right?

Well, not necessarily. In his essay You Can’t Do That With Medium Format photographer and educator James Martin explains that MF digital is a lot more versatile that some folks think.

Regular readers know that I usually don’t mention or draw much attention to the images that I put on the Home Page. These are usually simply something that I have recently shot, often with a camera that I am testing.

Today’s Home Page image is one that tickles my fancy, and so I thought I’d mention it. I’m drawn to both humorous juxtapositions and also puns, and today’s shot has both.


 "Awesome video presentation.
I have learnt so much more after looking through this on the weekend.  The tip about pushing blacks and fill light in the Basic Module was worth the price alone.  My images of a recent trip to the Australian Outback are popping and punching with delight!
Thanks Michael and Jeff – I really appreciate you taking the considerable time to share your in-depth knowledge and insights."


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