Pressure points of the Torso 1 Level 1

15 Oct

The Solar Plexus (or Celiac Plexus) The first in a series of Torso pressure point Videos, Covering every major and many minor Kyusho/Atemi or pressure points on the body, A great benefit to Martial Artists in Any Style, Trevor Robinson, Will be using The Russian Martial Art Systema. Thanks to Rob and Darren for taking the hits! This Video is for information only, Train with a competent Teacher whenever doing Martial Arts, The whole point of this Series is to give scientifically provable and verifiable striking points based on sound Anatomy and science. Not! pseudo science. I am in consultation with a Physiotherapist and sports rehab Trainer/consultant (and also a Martial artist), on every one of these points to make sure things are correct. all free no DVD to buy! Trevor Robinson CGI 3D Animation by Trevor Robinson.
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