Nikkor Lens Terminology (HD)

01 Oct

This is a video dictionary with the definitions of all those silly terms on Nikon and Zeiss lenses such as AF-S ED-IF N VRII DX RF PC-E Micro-Nikkor, yada yada. Enjoy! Download the Nikkor Lens Terminology in PDF format at this link: Download the Nikkor Lens Terminology in DOC format at this link: Thisvideo is available in High Definition (HD), hover the mouse above “360p” to extend out different video quality options, for HD (High Definition), click on 720p or 1080p. If you are having trouble watching the video smoothly, add this code, &fmt=22 to the end of this video’s URL address then press Enter / Return to reload the video, it will play nicely in HD. Music: Glittering Blackness by Explosions in the Sky


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