Nikon SB-900: The Basics

14 Jan

This video demonstrates the basic hands-on demonstration on Nikon’s new professional-grade speedlight of SB-900. Note, there’s a typo while flash head panning demonstration, it starts from 0º, 45º, 90º, then 180º both ways around. If you are not so sure about SB-900’s “Light Pattern” – SB-900 can throw light in different directions: Above, Even, and Below. Below is useful when you are using the flash on a flash bracket. The DX and FX feature in the SB-900 allows you to use iTTL, iTTL-BL, iTTL-FP, or iTTL-BL-FP more accurately on FX and DX camera bodies. It will automatically switch to DX if you enter the DX Crop Mode on D3 / D3X / D700. SB-900 will automatically get the signal from the camera body and it will switch to either DX or FX. You can manually override that feature if you wish. Enjoy. Music: Man from Two Worlds / Blues Medley by Chico Hamilton For wireless flash compatibility chart • D3000 – Built-In Flash • D40 – Built-In Flash • D40X – Built-In Flash • D50 – Built-In Flash • D60 – Built-In Flash • D70 – Built-In Flash • D70s – Built-In Flash • D80 – Built-In Flash • D90 – Built-In Flash • D100 – Built-In Flash • D200 – Built-In Flash • D300 – Built-In Flash • D700 – Built-In Flash • D1-Series – External Unit • D2-Series – External Unit • D3-Series – External Unit The SB-900 have SU-4 Mode, which allows the flash to be triggered wirelessly using onboard flash alone with non-CLS-Compatible digital SLR’s. If one wish to prevent the onboard flash from reaching the
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