Testing my Panasonic VDR-D300

01 Oct

Testing my new Camcorder Panasonic VDR-D300, It’s very good but I had problems to vonvert to AVI. These software has been used for this video: *FlasKMPEG: convert VRO to AVI *Windows Movie Maker: add some effects. *DVD-RAM disc: record the video. The good: Decent low-light performance; vibrant color; solid battery life; acceptable still quality. The bad: Optical zoom is only 10X; no analog input; no video light. The bottom line: Rivaling its MiniDV competitors in a variety of shooting conditions, the Panasonic VDR-D300 doesn’t force you to compromise video quality for the convenience of shooting directly on DVD. Image quality of Panasonic VDR-D300 The Panasonic VDR-D300’s image quality is among the best that we’ve seen in a consumer DVD camcorder. Image sharpness is above average for a DVD camcorder, approaching that of MiniDV cameras such as Panasonic’s PV-GS65. We noticed far fewer video-compression artifacts typical of DVD-based units. Outdoors, video looked very good, with accurate, saturated color and no visible chromatic aberration or color fringing. The only noticeable visual oddities were some very subtle jagged edges we saw when we zoomed in tight on rounded objects. Indoors, the three CCDs come into play to offer far better color in low-light situations than you’d get with single-CCD cameras. In dimly lit rooms, there was noticeable graininess in the footage, but color remained accurate and saturated down to a light level where most single-CCD cameras would be
Video Rating: 4 / 5


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