The Photographer Project: photographed by Brian Ach: About the project

14 Sep

The Photographer Project is a personal project by Brooklyn-based photographer Brian Ach which consists of full-length studio portraits of entertainment photographers who are based in NYC. The concept was to give the tabloid-buying public a glimpse into the lives of the people who supply these celebrity images to the media around the world on a daily basis. The portraits were shot on 6×4.5 medium format film and also with Canon digital cameras. The portraits are slice-of-life. The photographers were told to dress as they would when shooting a large movie premiere; to “arrive as-is, without any embellishments.” The Photographer Project consists of staff and freelance wire service, event, and paparazzi shooters. The portraits are all shot in my studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. A gallery exhibit is in the planning stages, after which the pictures, along with 10 standardized questions to be answered by each photographer, will be made into a book. The main goal for this project is to raise money for a well-known entertainment photographer in New York, Paul Hawthorne, who passed away of amylodiosis, a serious blood disease. Over 70 photographers have come in for their portrait. Filmed by Chris Barrett
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