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12 Oct

Digital Photography Week? Yes, but Motorola’s Droid is on our minds, too! ‘Still’ cameras that take great video. The Best Free Panomamic Stitching Tool. Favorite Digital Photography Gadgets, 7 Great Digital Cameras For Black Friday, Better Night, Low Light Photography! Droid Sound vs. Dead Drive! We should have a Motorola Droid review next week, but, for now, Veronica talks modding her iPhone with the evil Droid robot sound! (Patrick has another trashed hard drive, but this time it’s -not- the drive’s fault!) Fave Photo Gadgets… and a few quick digital photography tips! Memory cards and rechargable batteries are cheap, especially if you’ve ever missed a photo ’cause you ran out of juice, or space on a CF card! We list the lens cleaning tools we use, too, remind every new DSLR owner to buy a UV Filter to protect their expensive camera lens, RTFM before the big shoot, and more! Pocket Tripods! Any tripod (or monopod!) can help you take better photos, especially at night. Carrying a full sized top o’ the line floating head tripod around is a pain. That’s why we’ve got gadgets like the Joby Gorillapod and Pedco’s UltraPod and UltraClamp in our bags! Cases Protecting your pricey digital camera is a good idea. Roger favors a small bag from Lowe Pro for his PowerShot. Patrick’s Rebel is stored in a re-purposed Timbuk2 bag that works like a proper camera holster bag. Need a hard case? Try a Pelican or Otter Box! Free Software: Microsoft Image Composite Editor Sometimes, just


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