Confessions of a Photographer – episode 04

04 May

VILVOORDE, BELGIUM – I believe that a professional photographer needs to do some personal work from time to time to stay fresh and keep learning. This time I gathered some friends/fellow photographers to help me out with an idea I had for a photo competition about the environment. My concept was to make a shot of a guy jogging in 2020. For more info and to see the pictures in better quality, please visit BERT STEPHANI ( is a professional photographer based in Belgium.

Almost 100 years old, Lester Hayes was a pioneer of Abstract Photography. He took photographs of ordinary things, using a sheet of mylar plastic shimmering in the breeze, to produce stunning images, and he did it all with the brand new Kodak Instamatic. Kodak awarded his ingenuity with a major one man exhibition in New York City, but became disinchanted when Hayes discovered a tiny flaw in the camera that ultimately contributed to its demise.
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