Denis Darzacq Photographer

14 Mar

Documentary film shows French photographer Denis Darzacq working with street dancers in the suburbs of Paris. Together they create images that give the illusion of people flying or falling through space. Video courtesy of the artist,, and
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ALL PRINTS SOLD OUT. Write morechaselisbon at if you’d information on other prints. The first Gallery Show of Chase Lisbon. The first time that prints have been displayed or sold to the public. Photos of: Andy San Dimas, Apnea/Apneatic, Asphyxia/StMarx, August, Autumn, Babybolts, Baby Britain, Billiejean, Coco Velvett, Dana Dearmond, Dimes, Georgia, Hannah Rose, Isabelle, Jane Jett, Kansas City, Kat Von D, Kendall, Lady Days, La Secta, Lauren WK, Memphis, Nico Elise, Oliver Peck, Pea Pod, Pinky Lee, Pixie Pearl, Reagan Maddox, Rory, Rosemary, Roxie, Sara Jones, Sissy, Snakefight, Snowflake St. Marks, Swindle, Vashti, Veronica, and Veruca. IN ATTENDANCE : Chase Lisbon, Models: Apnea, Billie Jean, Casio, Rosemary/Nico Elise, PInky Lee, Roxie, August, Asphyxia, Hanna Rose, Jane jett/ La Secta, Baby Bolts, Isabelle, Rory, Lady Days, Veronica, Peapod, Supercult Banger Crew and family will all be in attendance. May 2nd 2009. Philadelphia, PA. 6-9 PM. Afterparty / TEN CMNDMNTS / At The Barbary. Models from Burning Angel, Crazy Babe, Deviant Nation, Gods Girls, Supercult, Vivid Alt, and Zivity. Sponsored by:,, Creep Street, Ghost Town Tattoos,, Katie Sellergren Tattoo,, Vinterikket, Tomås Garcia, WZRDCREW, SC/BC, Sweet Jane vintage, Decades on the Ave, Vinterriket, CIROC VODKA. My last THREE youtube videos were shut down… unjustly, if you ask me. You van find them on and make your own
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