Photography Tutorial 1 (Fundamentals)

31 Mar

A brief rambling explaining the three fundamentals of photography. APERTURE, SHUTTER SPEED and ISO or FILM SPEED. This is the first of a planned series of video tutorials about photography…. update: 5-13-10 I have posted many more videos as well as crated a DVD of my “Photography Tutorial” Series and am working on even more videos. SUBSCRIBE if you would like to be updated when I create a new video to get the most from my madness. Peace PS Please thumbs up this video if you learned anything from it =o) Update 7-11-10 You can now order my entire DVD from my new ordering page here =o) Thanks for the support and Keep Learning This DVD will teach you the essential concepts of photography. It will give you a solid foundation to build your photography future. This DVD is for beginning and intermediate photographers who are serious about learning the core concepts behind consistently taking amazing photographs. This is an extremely informative learning tool created by 10 year photographer Robert Vasquez out of Southern California. Robert is an EXTREMELY CANDID, ENTERTAINING and most importantly EFFECTIVE teacher. Gain years of knowledge and expand on your art by ordering MASTERY OF PHOTOGRAPHY ESSENTIALS

For more episodes of Viewfinders, go to Cutting-edge portrait photographers Will Steacy and Sarah Small put their portfolios to the test as noted portrait photographer and faculty member at the Hallmark Institute of Photography, David Turner, and the Director of Redux Pictures Marcel Saba judge the two emerging photographers work. Watch to see who will walk away the winner. Executive Producer: Megan Cunningham Producer/ Writer: Rachel Talbot Associate Producers: Sophia Betz, Maggie Spilman Director of Photography: Frank Barrera Additional Shooting: Michael Waitt Audio Engineer: Matthew Hendershot Editor: Dave Marcus Additional Editing: Maggie Spilman Graphics: Hei-Man (Anita) Yu Production Assistant: Ari Neiditz Filmed at Brooklyn Studios Special Thanks: Marcel Saba, David Turner ( Carrie at Brooklyn Studios, Redux Pictures ( Leah Meyerhoff, Unicorn Films LLC, Brian Gonzalez, Drew Tobia, Josephine Decker, Jewel Street Studios, Liz Solms, Bianca Kodzoman, and the Wyatt Gallery (
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