25 April, 2010 – Leica S2 Review Update : iPad Reads Raw Files

29 Mar

My friend, and well known Australian photographer, educator and magazine editor Nick Rains, has just completed his tests of the Leica S2.

Leica has also just announced a firmware upgrade for the S2, and Nick kindly provides us today with his brief impressions of the S2, what the firmware upgrade has accomplished, as well as what has been left unresolved.


Another friend, well known London photographer and lecturer Drew Gardner has just completed working with kids in the townships of South Africa, teaching them about photography. Drew asked if I would link to his blog, which I am more than happy to do, as this appears to be a very worthwhile undertaking.


A small number of iPad Camera Connection Kits (USB adaptors and SD card readers) became available over the past few days, and to everyone’s amazement (at least mine) the iPad is able to read all raw camera files that the Mac (OSX / iPhoto / Aperture) can handle.

This is great news, and makes the iPad an ideal travel / storage / backup / review device for photographers working in the field.

The only bad news is that the main shipment of these adaptors won’t be available for another couple of weeks.


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