These were the most-clicked-on cameras in 2019

29 Dec

While DPReview readers have already voted for their favorite products of 2019, we were curious to know which cameras were the most popular among site visitors in the past year. For that information, we went to the raw data. What we’ve come up with is a list of the year’s ten most popular cameras (released at any time) based on product page views within 2019. We’ll count it down starting at the top, Casey Kasem-style.

10. Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark III (announced July 2019)

It’s no surprise that a highly capable enthusiast compact makes the list, since this class of camera is always popular with DPR readers. The Canon G7 X Mark II was announced in early July alongside the G5 X II, with which it shares many of the same features. We saw a lot to like about it when we reviewed it – and DPReview visitors clearly saw the appeal too.

9. Nikon D850 (announced September 2017)

We called the D850 one of the most important cameras of the decade and DPReview readers seem to agree – it’s just over two years old (which is approximately one hundred in consumer technology years) and it’s still one of the most-viewed products on the site. It was a very impressive camera in 2017 and it’s still one we recommend to a wide range of photographers today.

8. Canon EOS M50 (announced February 2018)

We all love a built-in viewfinder, which is likely one of the features that drew so many people to the Canon M50 this year. It also appears in several of our use-case buying guides, and its well-rounded stills feature set clearly attracts a lot of attention even nearly two years after its announcement.

7. Nikon Z6 (announced October 2018)

It makes sense that the Z6 appears in this top ten while its higher-resolution Z7 sibling (spoiler alert) doesn’t – 24MP is still more than enough resolution for most photographers, and as a whole package it’s more accessible. For those just starting to think about switching from their beloved DSLRs to mirrorless, the Z6 is a logical jump-off point for that research. While photographers like our own Dan Bracaglia may choose to hang onto their DSLRs for a while longer, we imagine that the number of full-frame mirrorless cameras on this list will only grow each year.

6. Sony a6000 (announced February 2014)

The Sony a6000 has had incredible staying power in the camera market. It’s one of the best-selling interchangeable lens cameras of all time and this nearly six year old camera’s feature set remains surprisingly competitive. It certainly doesn’t hurt that it’s one of the absolute best deals out there – it was competitively priced at its introduction and has come down in price since then to $ 500 with kit lens at the time of writing. The debut of the a6100 may signal the beginning of the a6000’s end, but there’s no wonder at all why it has remained so popular for so long after its release.

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