500px combines Terms of Service and Contributor Agreement, confusing some users

24 Dec

Photography community 500px recently updated its Terms of Service, adding its Contributor Agreement into the TOS to provide a single destination for both. As tends to be the case any time a social network or other service updates its TOS, some users have picked through the text and come away frightened. A recent analysis of the changes by PetaPixel, however, finds little to be concerned about.

500px released its updated Terms of Service earlier this month; users were alerted to the change when the service prompted them to read and agree to the latest TOS. A number of users posted concerns about various snippets on social media, questioning the terms and, in some cases, demanding the company make changes.

PetaPixel recently dug into the latest Terms of Service and compared it to 500px’s older archived TOS, finding that the language has remained essentially unchanged. Some users may be surprised by the changes because of the inclusion of the Contributor Agreement within the updated TOS. Those added terms only apply to users who choose to sell images through the platform, however.

Users always retain the option of deleting their 500px account. The latest Terms of Service explains that:

Upon termination (by 500px or you), 500px will remove your Visual Content from licensing within 180 days and will inform all distributors that the Visual Content should be removed during that time period, provided however that 500px (and our distributors) may retain digital copies of Visual Content for archival and record-keeping purposes. 500px will continue to make payments due to you after termination in accordance with these Terms.

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