Facebook fixes iOS bug that triggered the camera app on iPhone

15 Nov

Facebook has released an update that fixes a bug in its iOS app related to the iPhone camera app, something that had raised privacy concerns among users.

On Tuesday, a report from CNET highlighted a complaint from some Facebook users on iPhone who shared videos showing a bizarre bug involving the phone’s camera app. At least two different scenarios were found that would cause the Facebook app to become off-center on the phone’s display.

The iPhone’s camera app with its live view would be visible next to the offset Facebook app, spurring conspiracy theories that the social network may have been deliberately using the device’s camera to collect data on the user. In a tweet, however, Facebook VP of Integrity Guy Rosen explained that a recently published bug fix for a different issue caused the Facebook app to ‘partially’ navigate to the iPhone’s camera.

Soon after on Wednesday, November 13, Facebook released a fix for the problem through the App Store. Users will need to download and install the latest update to fix the bug. Some users have reported an inability to trigger the camera bug after updating, indicating that it is an effective fix.

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