ClearRx prescription bottles

18 Mar

Check out these visual art images:

ClearRx prescription bottles
visual art
Image by bartificial
I went to Target’s pharmacy today just so I could get my prescriptions filled in the fancy new ClearRx bottles designed by a School of Visual Arts graduate. I’ve never been any more excited about getting a prescription filled, although I’m annoyed the pharmacist didn’t give each of them a different-colored ring and the red ones are boring (they just look like they’re part of the bottle).

Visual identity
visual art
Image by *spo0ky*
Sundance business cards, mug and cups, paper bag, loyalty card

visual art
Image by solidether
The Museum of Visual Arts of Leipzig holds one of the biggest and most valuable collections of paintings and sculptures within germany. It’s roots go back to the "Leipziger Art Society" in 1837, and in 2006 the construction of the new main exhibition building, designed by the architects Hufnagel, Pütz and Rafaelian, has been finished.

Besides, this is the first picture with my new Sigma 10-20mm lens. 🙂 The title also relates to the theoretical topics I’m currently studying for my final exam next friday.

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