Kicking Off: Friday Freebie iPad Wallpaper

01 Feb

This is the kick off post to a new experiment… Friday Freebie.
Friday Freebie posts will feature an image to liven up your iPad display with images from my travels… all for free.

This particular photo was taken in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming. To add a little playfulness to the scene I decided to experiment with a Canon 15mm fisheye lens.  The effect highlighted the cloudy sky over the towering Grand Tetons versus the ever dominant Grand Teton mountains. If you’re fond of Grand Teton landscape photos be sure to check out my Grand Teton National Park gallery.

Before you run off to start your weekend click the iPad above or here to download your new iPad wallpaper. Have a great weekend!

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Kicking Off: Friday Freebie iPad Wallpaper

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