Test Shoot: Brynlee

30 Jul

Test Shoot  (n) by Jake Garn

1.5 to 4 hour shoot just for fun.  I test out new equipment, new models, new ideas… usually with no professional styling. I tell the models to bring a bunch of their own clothes and we improvise. Rarely do I have a single idea pre-planned.   A very good exercise in creativity. I highly, highly recommend doing them as often as you can.

Here is my latest.  Three days ago Brynlee and I shot for just over three hours, it turned out to be one of my favorite test shoots of all time.  (By the way, the drawings in the top two images are Brynlee’s creations)

Equipment used to achieve these images

Classic lighting from both sides, put the softboxes as close as you can to the model and expose accordingly.  For this one I put the left-strobe slightly behind the model and the right-strobe slightly in front of her, the ratio of each strobe is about 1:1.

Jake Garn Photography

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