27 Jan

You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again, photography ‘know it alls’ telling you your photo would be great, if it wasn’t overexposed.

Well… congratulations Ansel Adams the Third, it is overexposed.

Have you ever sat in the ocean, waiting for that next great wave with the blazing sun glimmering atop the cresting foam, shooting pincers of blinding light into your eyes as you busily scan the natural beauty of the beach; all while bright bikinis are begging to distract you from your quest?

At that moment do you ever think to yourself… wow, this scene is perfect… too bad the sun is obliterating nearly all the highlight detail in this brilliantly white sand and crashing waves.

No, you don’t.

Real life isn’t exposed properly half the time, our irises automatically adjust to compensate but their range is limited. While you’re floating there, squinting out across the ocean with tightly pinched eye-lids you are fully aware of the limitations inherent in a human eye.

Any claim that a great photograph can’t enjoy the same freedom of tonal range is absurd.¬† Blinding highlights and all.

Sometimes, like a tropical beach, a photo simply demands to live it’s life overexposed.¬† This was one of those times.

Jake Garn Photography

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