Travel Photography Subjects: Odd/Whacky/Other

12 Jan

This is it!  The last post in the Travel Photography Subjects series.  I hope you have enjoyed the other post and found some useful subjects you will be inspired to shoot on your next trip.  If you missed any of the previous 20 subjects, here are the links for you: Water, Old People, Young People, Religion, Sports, Socializing, Icons, Rich, Poor, Transportation, Economy, Food, Food Preparation, Weather, Art, Modern Vs. Traditional, Downtown, Views, History and Architecture.

The twenty-first Travel Photography Subject is Odd/Whacky/Other.  It’s a catchall of sorts but it also a reminder to not take myself so seriously when traveling.  And when traveling, there is ultimately a lot that seems odd or whacky or just down right different.  Most travel is that way, I believe.   While looking for all the ‘serious’ subjects in this series, it is important to have a row on the checklist for the subjects that just don’t fit.

What I and you consider odd/whacky/other is going to differ and that is the best way to have it.  This category really lets an individual’s personality shine as it shows what tickles the fancy of that particular photographer.  Whacky can be someone doing something funny, or just a juxtaposition that seems humorous (as in my example up top).  Odd is just that, odd to you.  And Other, well, Other is something of a copout, I admit.  But it is also a good reminder to break out of the mold that I have been forming with this list over the last six months.

For me, the twenty-one items on this list comprise a solid foundation for which to build a coherent photographic travel narrative.  I want to again thank Catherine Karnow for introducing me to a version of this list on which I have expanded and adapted.  As I look forward to more travels in 2011 to Nepal, Bhutan, Italy, Hawaii, Peru, to name a few locations, this list will always be in my back pocket with another copy in my photobag.

Here is a copy of the list in table format to help you in your travel photography endeavors.  Happy shooting!!

Subject Shot?
Old People
Young People
Food Preparation
Modern vs. Traditional

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