She Saved the Note!

21 Dec

Anyone following my work lately knows this story, but for those that don’t here’s a quick recap.

I was going to lunch with my good friend Ryan Muirhead (find his photos on facebook) when we both spotted Brynlee at nearly the same instant.

To be frank, we were stunned.  Brynlee had one of those perfectly exotic faces that photographers dream about.  Ryan and I rounded the corner and both just stopped, he said these exact words, “You’re going to take care of that right?”

I just nodded…

Approaching random girls is a delicate art, one that requires tact and class… it’s best if you have a business card then you could just hand it over and immediately you come across as professional.  I haven’t updated my business card design in years and years but it’s still pretty cool.

I, however, never have business cards with me.  Ever.  If you want my business card you’re going to have to come to my house where I keep the box of 1,000 cards… otherwise sorry. Before you judge me you should keep in mind photography isn’t my profession, so I usually have bigger fish to fry.

So I opted for the extraordinarily professional note left on the back of a contest-entry form (which was on the counter next to the register).  It actually took a couple drafts… the first one I wrote with the tiny golf-scoring pencil that was next to the entry box and it was completely smudged by the time I finished.

So I went to my car, rustled around for a pen, came back and re-wrote the note.  This time it was a masterpiece.  She emailed me a few days later and the rest is history, Brynlee has definitely become one of my favorites to work with!

Well, this week she came around for another shoot, this time bearing some nostalgia.  Ahhhh… there’s even a little pin-hole from hanging on her wall!

For once in my entire life I’m glad I took Ryan’s advice and pulled into Taco Time for a random Saturday lunch!

Jake Garn Photography

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