Are You Local to Baltimore or Washington, DC?

30 Oct


1:49pm — Boy, THAT was fast. There were a ton of people who wrote in to join up for the shoot day on November 2nd. I am going through the list now, prioritizing toward people who are local and most available. I will write back to everyone who left an email address (whether in or not) by the end of the day. But we already have more than will be practical to use, so please, no more volunteers needed.

Many thanks,


Tired of the hyper-polarized election season? How would you like to spend Tuesday, November 2nd doing something worthwhile — and nonpolitical — with your camera?

Don’t get me wrong — I am gonna vote. But I thought it would be cool to spend the rest of Election Day doing something real with my camera to benefit a very worthy local organization. It is gonna be in a beautiful outdoor setting, and I think it will be a lot of fun.

If you might be interested in helping, keep reading.

I am organizing a group of photographers to spend a day (or part of a day) at an historic farm in Howard County, MD. It is a nonprofit organization that focuses on the preservation of farm history, and we will be shooting to provide photos for their use on the website, brochures, educational presentations, etc.

There are a couple other very cool layers involved. But that is not something I am ready to talk about publicly on the site yet, for reasons that will become obvious should you decide to join us. Suffice to say that it will be fun, creative and we’ll be helping a worthy cause.

Possibilities for shooting will span from sunrise (yeesh!) to after sunset. So for those of you who are self-employed and/or at least partially in control of your own time, there is some flexibility. But you should be willing to commit for a few hours or so.

And that is all I am gonna say. A little cryptic, to be sure. But as I said, there will be more info coming.

If you are interested in taking a little bit of a photographic flyer, please leave your name, city of residence, email and phone number in a comment on this post. Also, give me ONE SENTENCE about you as a photographer — your specialty, skill level, boxers or briefs — whatever.

It would also help if you could let me know your overall availability for the day. Logistically, I’d rather have someone for an afternoon than a lunch hour.

Important: No comments will be moderated into print, so your info will not be made public. If we have worked together before, please remind me.

I’ll choose a dozen or so of the most appropriate people, and be in touch with you either way (with more info, if appropriate) by the end of the day.

So, are you in?


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