Fujifilm Finepix F80EXR [REVIEW]

15 Oct

Digicams with 10x zooms seem to be driving the lower end of the market … and a good thing too, I say.


Available in black or silver, this little camera is deceptive, to say the least: built into a shiny, double coated lacquer finish, it is light, easily pocketable and thankfully dotted with only a few external controls. The top deck holds only the power button and zoom toggle, with the mode dial directly beneath; the viewfinder is mercifully brief.


The CCD is larger than most, leading to hopes of reduced noise and improved image quality. Capturing 12 megapixels, the maximum image size is 40003000 pixels, leading to a final print size of 34×25cm. Movies: not as good as some cameras, the max res is only 1280×720 pixels at 30 fps.

I’m not sure about the claimed contribution of Fujifilm’s EXR setting on the mode dial: in varying light levels, the camera will switch between High Resolution (HR), Wide Dynamic Range (DR) and then to High Sensitivity and Low Noise (SN) mode. In the right hands it could possibly be a big help … but as I said, I’m yet to be convinced.

The mode dial also allows for auto, Program AE, manual exposure (direct control over aperture and shutter speed), scene position (a range of scene modes) and settings for two types of natural light (minus flash and a two exposure routine with/without flash). The whole scheme appears to be an attempt to deliver DSLR expertise without its complexity.

Man and pool reflection 2.JPG

Image stabilisation is delivered by a twin scheme: a mechanically stabilised CCD sensor and a juggling of ISO settings to provide faster shutter speeds.

More: face Recognition technology for up to eight faces; a world first Pet Detection function that recognises up to 10 faces of cats or dogs. But be warned, it will not capture an animal profile!

Fujifilm has always offered a series of film simulation modes; while I’m not sure of the benefits of knowing you’re shooting with a mythical roll of Velvia or Provia film were loaded, I guess some people will warm to it. But, for good measure, at least you can shoot sepia or B&W shots too.

Startup Time

I could shoot my first shot about four seconds after start; follow-on shots came in at about a second each.

ISO Settings

Fujifilm FinePix F80EXR ISO 400 f5.3 1:30 sec.JPG

At ISO 400 the camera showed excellent resolution, accurate colour and little sign of image noise.

Fujifilm FinePix F80EXR ISO 800 f5.3 1:60 sec.JPG

ISO 800 showed little change in any department.

Fujifilm FinePix F80EXR ISO 1600 f5.3 1:125 sec.JPG

At ISO 1600 we see a rapid drop in resolution and a jump in noise. Not a pretty picture!


Fujinon are recognised as makers of fine lenses for the broadcast industry so it should come as no surprise to find the F80EXR’s optic exhibited no distortion at either end of the zoom. A fine performance.


For me, the F80EXR is a handy little camera and would act as a super companion to a well-fitted out DSLR. If you can buy it at the right price, the 10x zoom and large CCD would be attractive.

Cockatoo 4.JPG

Quality: excellent quality and I recommend shooting at ISO 400, especially if you’re using the zoom’s long end.
Why you would buy it: a pocketable 10x is in your wish list.
Why you won’t: you want better high ISO quality.

Fujifilm Finepix F80EXR Specs

Image Sensor: 10.2 million effective pixels.
Metering: Multi zone.
Sensor Size: 12.7mm CCD EXR.
Lens: Fujinon f3.3-5.6/5-50mm (27-270mm as 35 SLR equivalent).
Shutter Speed: 8 to 1/2000 second.
Memory: SD/SDHC cards plus 40MB internal memory.
Image Sizes (pixels): 4000×3000, 4000×2664, 4000×2248, 2816×1864, 2816×1864, 2816×1584, 2048×1536, 2048×1360, 1920×1080. Movies: 1280×720, 640×480 at 30 fps.
Rear LCD Screen: 7.6cm LCD (230,000 pixels).
File Formats: JPEG, Motion JPEG.
ISO Sensitivity: Auto, 100 to 12,800.
Interface: USB 2.0, AV, HDMI, DC.
Power: Rechargeable lithium battery, DC input.
Dimensions: 99×59×28 WHDmm.
Weight: 183 g (without batteries and card).
Price: Get a Price on the Fujifilm FinePix F80EXR at Amazon (currently 17% off).

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