1 October, 2010 – Bombay Taxi – On the Pursuit of Images

01 Oct

Today’s new essay is titled Bombay Taxi. It is by Azhar Chougle, a photojournalist who lives in Bombay, India, and who also studies in New York. In it he explores what it takes to persevere in the pursuit of images.

I have been shooting in the mountains of Virginia this past week, with my Sony A900, and also a Sony A55, kindly loaned to me by Sony Canada for further testing. (If you haven’t already done so, you might want to look at my A55 Preview Report and also my recent A55 Further Evaluation)

I continue to be impressed by the A55, though when used alongside the A900 the EVF does leave something to be desired. Image quality doesn’t though, and while only 16MP vs 24MP, IQ is excellent, displaying at least two stops lower noise than the A900 at higher ISOs.

Today’s Home Page image was taken with the A55 on my shoot this past week, and there will be a few more on these pages in the days ahead.

Of note to those interested in the A55 and A33 is that Sony just announced that the camera is subject to overheating after a certain amount of time when shooting video with sensor stabilization turned on.

I am not surprised, since I noted this issue in my A55 Further Evaluation report several weeks ago – to my knowledge that being the only test report of this camera that observed and reported on this phenomenon thus far.


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