On the Road Again

29 Aug

If you’re one of my Facebook friends then you must know by now that David and I are moving to New York City. We’re somewhat sad to be leaving LA because it is home to us. We were both born and raised here in LA. But we really want to be in New York now so we’re very excited for the new change. Since we’re going to be based in NY, we know that we’ll have to do the workshops there now.

Check out the recap from our April 2010 seminar video below

After searching for the perfect studio we finally decided on Root Studios in Williamsburg. I met Aldanna from Root at the Le Book Productions event last month. Le Book is amazing and the Productions event is really a great opportunity for photographers to meet people in our industry. They had booths where modeling agencies, hair and make up agencies, production companies, retouch studios and studios were set up and we’re available to meet photographers and answer questions. I highly recommend you guys try to catch one of the next ones. You can find out more about Le Book and what they have to offer by going to their site. Any way, Root is on board to hold our workshops in one of their awesome studios and the first one we have on the calendar is September 18th and 19th. Once we’re settled in NYC we’re hoping to have our workshops every month. We’ll mostly focus on having them in NYC at Root Studio but one thought we have is possibly having a workshop in Miami in January and February. What a great excuse to get out of the cold and head down to the warm tropical beautiful city of Miami and meet some of you guys! That’s just a thought at this point but we’ll definitely be focusing on NYC for the next year! It’s going to be the same workshop that we held here in LA, just now it’s going to be in the great city of New York, our future new home!

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Here’s the link to the New York Seminar for more information. And we’ll be having another LA workshop in August at Smashbox Studios. Smashbox has been amazing to work with. Dee and all of the Smashbox people deserve a big hearty thanks for all their help and love! So check out the schedule and I hope to meet and work with some of you very soon!

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