Gregory Heisler, on Stripping with Derek Jeter

26 Aug

We pre-empt our regularly scheduled programming today, as we do pretty much any time there is a good BTS video from the likes of Greg Heisler.

(Ditto you too, Dan Winters, or Peter Yang. Seriously, whip up a good BTS and the joint is all yours for the day.)

For a little sense of chronological scale, this video lasts about as long as Heisler takes to shoot Jeter. For an SI Sportsman of the Year cover, no less.

Quick takeaway: Hiding a face light on-axis of a bigger strip light (sorry for that misleading headline, ladies) for “a little more oomph” on the face. “Oomph” being one of those light qualities Heisler learned about when studying with the Great Masters.

And on the Profoto strip lights — if you have to ask, you can’t afford them. They are not strip boxes. They are strip lights. Completely different animal. They are apparently made in Sweden by elves using pixie dust or something even more expensive.

I am working on a DIY version for speedlights, made out of polished, inside-out Diet Mtn. Dew cans.

(More Heisler vids on the Profoto site.)



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