Zazzle Link Referral Program

26 Apr

Store links that you build will link to the store of any seller that you choose. When a customer clicks on your link, you will earn a referral fee on anything that visitor buys in that shopping session.

This is an example of a store link. Click the link to see how it works.

ONimages Vintage Designs

When visitors to your website use this new home page link, you will earn a referral fee on anything they purchase in that visit! I have chosen many different Zazzle stores to visit with amazing products that you can purchase. Or if you wish you can join Zazzle and leave a comment with the name of your Zazzle store on my blog and I will create a referral link to your site.

Here are some Zazzle stores to visit:

Christianphotogirl Boutique
The Candy Store!
Perfect Postage & Cards for your special occasions
Cards | Postage | Gifts | More
Katie Tormala Photography
Brooklyn Born Productions
The Jason Mraz Store

Any suggestions, ideas? Feel free to comment on this article!

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