No 3D Glasses Required – Amazing 3D Stereoscopic Images

28 May

Guerrilla Squadron needs you! To watch this video in 3D, cross your eyes and move closer or further away from the screen until you see what appears to be a third, 3D image in the middle. Watch in HD and Full Screen for maximum enjoyment. A one off interesting, amazing and experimental video.

High speed 240fps stereoscopic 3D digital video of two Toyota FJ Cruisers fording a puddle, and two weapons instructors firing M4 rifles from the Gryphon Group military training facility. All footage was shot in HD by Eric Deren to be viewed as slow motion video. To view this video you will need red-cyan anaglyph glasses, with the red lens on left eye. You can get a pair of 3D glasses from If you have the correct hardware, you can view the full color version of this video in stereo at For more information, please visit .
Video Rating: 4 / 5


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