SanDisk reveals 8TB SSD prototype and Ultra Dual Drive Luxe 1TB flash drive

09 Jan

SanDisk has introduced a sleek new flash drive that features an appealing metal body and a very practical dual-connector design. The new SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive Luxe thumb drive will arrive later this year, offering users a large storage capacity in a small form factor.

As its name suggests, the Luxe drive features both USB-C and USB-A connectors, making it possible to use the drive with the majority of newer smartphones, tablets and laptops on the market. In addition to its high level of durability due to the metal build, SanDisk’s new drive has a slot for attaching the device to a keychain or securing it within a bag using a lanyard.

According to Engadget, SanDisk will release this model toward the end of 2020; the price hasn’t been revealed at this time.

In addition to the upcoming flash drive, SanDisk also showcased a prototype portable SSD with a massive 8TB capacity capable of 20Gbps transfer speeds. According to Engadget, the drive is slightly larger than the SanDisk Extreme External SSDs, though it’s still small enough to stuff in a pocket.

Though it would be the highest capacity portable SSD if it were to come to market, it only exists as a prototype at this time. It’s unclear when SanDisk anticipates launching the product and how much it will cost, though it’s likely to be quite expensive. The company’s existing 2TB Extreme Portable SSD model costs $ 270, for comparison.

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