LEGO Ideas design recreates the iconic Nikon F3 out of plastic bricks

29 Dec

Photographer and LEGO designer Ethan ‘LegoDog0126’ Brossard has recreated the iconic Nikon F3 film camera as a LEGO kit featuring 549 pieces. The design has been submitted to the LEGO Ideas website where it was selected as a Staff Pick on November 25. At this point in time, the submission has nearly 1,400 supporters and 190 days remaining for others to support it.

Brossard detailed his project in a recent post on Emulsive, where he explained that his LEGO recreation of the Nikon F3 is only a bit larger than the actual camera. The render features an impressive degree of detail for something made from small plastic bricks and other components, including almost all of the levers found on the F3, the main dials and a plastic representation of the SLR’s mirror.

Though the renders include a blocky roll of film, Brossard notes that it can’t actually fit in the camera due to the thickness of the LEGO bricks. As well, the recreation features an approximation of the Nikon AI-S prime lens. The shiny chrome featured in the renders isn’t actually a color produced by LEGO, meaning anyone who attempts to build the model will need to use gray or some other color.

Brossard has shared a Google Drive folder containing the Studio and Ldraw model files for anyone to download. As well, the model can be found on Rebrickable. The submission will need to achieve 10,000 supporters on LEGO Ideas in order for its to undergo a LEGO Review, at which point the company will evaluate the design for its potential as an official LEGO kit.

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