Video: Typologies of New York City: A Crowdsourced Hyperlapse

19 Dec

‘Classics are classic for a reason. We’ve all taken these photos. What happens when everything in the world has been photographed? From multiple angles, multiple times per day? Eventually, we’ll piece those photos and videos together to be able to see the entire history of a location from every possible angle.’ This is how visual artist SamTheCobra describes the inspiration behind his mesmerizing hyperlapse video consisting of some of the most well-known landmarks, along with scenes from daily life, in New York City.

SamTheCobra spent an undisclosed number of hours sifting through both location tags and hashtags on Instagram, manually, to crowdsource thousands of photos that he converted into the video, above, that clocks in at just under one minute. He spent roughly 200 hours combining his findings from Instagram in Adobe After Effects. The hypnotic soundtrack comes courtesy of a remix from Stones Throw Records, made famous by DJ Shadow’s 2012 ‘All Basses Covered’ set.

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