Top Tips to Capture Epic Adventure Photography

15 Dec

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Adventure photography is one of the most exciting genres of photography and an opportunity to uncover unexpected places. Capturing epic adventure photography can be described as the art of photographing adventures, typically in the outdoors. It can involve exploring amazing places and experiencing new things, all whilst capturing the accomplishment with your camera.

Whatever the place or experience, adventure is about much more than scaling a famous mountain, such as Everest, and covers the world beyond outdoor pursuits. Whether it is cruising down the Nile, drinking beer or eating favorite dishes with the locals, or appreciating street art within an inner-city, it’s all a personal adventure. Here are some top tips for capturing these exploits of adventure.

1. Go on an epic photography adventure

epic adventure photography 01

Cappadocia, Turkey

One of the best things you can do to shoot epic adventure photography is to go on an adventure. Grab your camera and get outdoors. Go and explore a familiar or unfamiliar location. You may have a passion for mountains, epic wild scenery, or even rivers or seas, whichever you prefer, get out there and have fun.

Scout out a location and find a great view that you would like to photograph. Be sure to record the adventure and your surroundings.

2. Bring the right gear

It is hugely important to bring the right gear. But, don’t just think about your camera gear.

Depending on whether you are going for a day or several days, pack enough food, water, and warm clothing for your needs, such as a hat, gloves, and extra layers. Then pack more snacks in case you encounter any difficulties and to keep your energy levels up. Looking after your body is essential, so bring a first aid kit too in case of unforeseen emergencies. Be sure to check the weather forecast and plan ahead accordingly. You may need to bring wet weather gear too, such as a waterproof jacket and trousers.

Whatever you decide to take with you, plan ahead and pack lightly. And remember, safety is paramount.

3. Include a person in the frame

Image: Paddleboarding, Lake Bled, Slovenia

Paddleboarding, Lake Bled, Slovenia

One great way to document epic adventure photography is to include a person in the frame. This will help to show the spirit of adventure. Hiking, biking, backpacking, camping, boating, and general exploration are all great activities of adventure. You could illustrate your adventures by including yourself in the shot or someone else doing adventurous activities such as a hiker walking within a landscape, a jogger on a trail, a paddle boarder on a river, or a cyclist on a road or dirt track.

The options for outdoor subjects are endless.

4. Show scale

To help your images stand out, show scale. Include an extra element such as an object or a people (discussed above) to help show their real size compared with the height of mountains in a valley, such as these people on horseback.

epic adventure photography 03

Horse riding, Grand Tetons, Wyoming, USA

For example, the width of a river, or vastness of a plain, will be better understood by the viewer when including a raft or backpacker.

Other interesting subjects you can shoot to show scale include a boat in the sea, a tent on a hilltop, mountain walkers on an adventure, snowboarders or people skiing.

epic adventure photography 04

Trekking in the Himalayas, Nepal

5. Find a unique perspective

There are wonderful adventures to be experienced everywhere around the world. Find a striking and effective composition that shows a unique perspective and interesting side to your adventures.

Image: Kayaking in the Philippines

Kayaking in the Philippines

6. Protect your gear

When you are doing an epic adventure photography trip, make sure you look after your gear. You don’t want to damage your equipment in adverse conditions, so assess your potential environment prior to departure.

Camera protection is critical, so apply common sense when preparing your kit. Put your camera inside a waterproof cover if it is raining. Pack it in a well-cushioned bag if you are climbing over rocks or uneven terrain to prevent damaging your camera if you slip. Also, use a waterproof case or bag when shooting from the water. Freshwater and saltwater are corrosive and will damage your camera if you come into contact with these elements.


Enjoy your time outdoors with your camera and capture some epic adventure photography. Whether you are a solo adventure photographer, or enjoy having a person with you, apply these tips of including people, showing scale, finding a perspective, and taking the right gear and go and take your best ever adventure photos.

We look forward to seeing what you capture. Share your images with us below.

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The post Top Tips to Capture Epic Adventure Photography appeared first on Digital Photography School. It was authored by Jeremy Flint.

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