Canon patent application details hybrid speedlight with active cooling via internal fan

04 Nov
The fan, labeled ‘155,’ is located on the bottom of the flash head.

A recent patent application from Canon details the schematics for a hybrid speedlight that has built-in cooling for keeping the speedlight cool with continuous use.

Japanese patent application 2019-185021 shows various ways in which a fan underneath the flash head of the speedlight would pull in air from the ambient environment, direct it over the front of the main flash tube and cycle it out to keep temperatures at a more manageable level. Interestingly, the patent also shows a pair of LED lights above and below the main flash tube, the reason we consider this a ‘hybrid’ speedlight.

Various illustrations in the patent show how the air would be channeled through the flash head depending on where the flash tube is located inside the speedlight. This particular example shows how the air would flow in front of the flash tube (and LED lights, labeled 102 and 104) and cycle out of the speedlight via the empty space behind the flash head and LED lights.

The patent doesn’t specify whether or not the cooling mechanism is more for the main flash tube or the LED lights. But, considering fans aren’t necessarily a requirement on traditional speedlights and the incredible amount of heat LEDs can put out — especially in a confined package without much passive cooling — we believe it would make the most sense that this fan would run at times when the LED lights would be on for extended periods of time, where heat could built up without the chance to dissipate in a reasonable timeframe.

As noted by Canon News, who first broke down the patent, the detailed drawings and tech specifications for this speedlight indicate that quite a bit of work has gone into it already. As with all patents, it might never see the light of day, but it’s an interesting concept nonetheless.

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