Lens Rentals celebrated Halloween by testing its rental gear for ghosts and good vibes

02 Nov

In the spirit of Halloween, the team over at Lens Rentals decided to do a little experiment to see if any of their gear was haunted. However just one item in, the plan took a very Roger-esque turn, pivoting from a ghost-hunting endeavor to tearing down the very pieces of gear he was originally using to look for paranormal activity.

After someone had remark that some of its photography gear was used to record various paranormal shows and another individual showed concern of whether or not any of Lens Rental’s gear was haunted, Cicala and his trusty sidekick Aaron decided to put their gear to the test unlike they’ve ever done before.

The array of paranormal-detecting devices Roger and Aaron purchased.

After hunting down an array of various paranormal-detecting devices (and purchasing a dozen 9-volt batteries), Roger and Aaron got to work setting up their testing area. At the suggestion of those more familiar with the paranormal, the duo set up what was supposed to be a pentagram (looks more like a random geometric shape in our book) with multiple ‘Ghost Detector’ modules around the perimeter and burned a candle in the middle to get the paranormal juju flowing.

Clearly someone used that mic pack under sketchy circumstances.

After letting the candle work its magic, the pair put a Sennheiser microphone in the center and used both the ‘Ghost Detectors’ and the EMF detectors to see which how it reacted. Sure enough, the wireless mic pack was haunted (according to the two detectors, at least). The pair also tested their microwave (definitely haunted), as well as their coffee maker (which was thankfully spared by the spirits). It was even discovered that Aaron was haunted too. As a result, it turned out their previous testings couldn’t hold up, as there’s the chance Aaron himself was causing the bad vibes.

So, Roger and Aaron decided to instead direct the various paranormal-detecting devices they purchased to test out the Lens Rentals gear. We’ll let you see the full teardown of the gadgets over on Lens Rentals’ blog post, but suffice to say the Ghost Detector Array, EMF Meter and Ghost Magnet were all relatively cheap pieces of tech that mostly consisted of random PCBs and (in the case of the Ghost Magnet) motors.

The inside of one of the EMF detectors Roger and Aaron purchased.

Considering all of the paranormal devices are now torn down, it’s safe to say Lens Rentals will no longer be offering a spirit-cleansing add-on for future rentals. So you might want to be careful and bring a Shaman along with you on your next photo shoot just in case.

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