3D Miniature City Kobe (Tilt-Shift, Timelapse, Hyper-Phantogram Video)

05 Jan

Direct link to HD version; Phantogram version of 3D Miniature City Kobe entry of yesterday; I had a chance to shoot Tilt-Shift, Timelapse and Hyper-Stereoscopic video to fake miniaturization of Kobe City. Twin GH1 separated about 3 m was used to shoot from 24th floor of City Hall of Kobe. I recognized that 3D effect might be effective to enhance more realistic miniaturization by Tilt-Shift and Timelapse techniques. Phantogram version is expected to be viewed by looking down 45 degree at the display set horizontally to see the 3D objects properly pop-up from the ground level located at display surface. Phantogram version is postprocessed by applying vertical perspective correction and disparity control so as to keep the disparity of all objects positive and the ground level to be set zero. This is not a perfect Phantogram as horizontal perspective correction is not applied in this case.


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